Acute Migraine Treatment

This migraine clinical study is to further evaluate the efficacy and safety of a new abortive therapy for acute migraine attacks. Similar to triptans, this medication is taken at the onset of a migraine (not a preventative therapy).

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Migraine Study Online Questionnaire & Scheduling Form

Enrollment Period:

  • Ending May 2018

Study Timeline:

  • approximately 11 weeks

Number of Visits:

  • 3 office visits

About the study medication:

  • Unlike triptans which target receptors present on vessels throughout the body and cardiovascular system, the new therapy being investigated in this trial targets a different receptor that is primarily in the vessels of the head.
    • ┬áThis means there is much less potential for systemic side effects, or side effects on the rest of your body that occur as a result of treating your migraines with currently available medications
    • This study aims to confirm that the new medication is effective in treating migraine attacks of moderate to severe intensity, is superior to placebo, and is safe for widespread general consumption
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