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Keeping up with Mental Health: Be aware of who and for what you are influenced by. Use this article to help stay positive and focused on your well-being goals.

Our interactions with one another are overall based on a healthy exchange of emotions, ideas and positive social interactions. There are some individuals, however, that have a disruptive influence in our lives. Manipulation may be a factor in a number of  mental disorders. Psychological manipulation is a type of social influence that uses deception, underhanded tactics and abuse in order to achieve the interests of the manipulator. it is important to know how to identify manipulation and how to deal with it.

By Eric Perry, PhD-c “You learn a lot about people when they don’t get what they want.” ~Anonymous Like the waves that forcefully crash on the shore and later gracefully retreat, there is an ebb and flow to life. The seasons change and the flowers bloom, only to later wilt. We all give and take […]

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