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About TCDD


We are happy you are here and delighted to provide an overview of the company and people behind the clinical trials at Texas Center for Drug Development in Houston, TX.

To learn more, please hover your mouse over the “About” option in the top main menu, then choose an option in from the dropdown menu.

Options in the dropdown menu include company overview, staff and executive management information, information for physicians, and details about our internship program.


We hope these links provide the information about TCDD and clinical trials in Houston, TX that you are looking for. If any of your questions are not answered or satisfied by the information included in these pages, please use our contact form to request more information, or see our FAQ page for more help.

Visit our partner DM Clinical Research in Tomball, TX

To learn more about how the government regulates clinical trials to protect your safety and to access the national databases of registered clinical trials in the United States, please visit

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