How to Qualify for a Clinical Study

Step 1- Contact
Participate in an initial telephone evaluation by calling:

1-855-DRUG STUDY (1-855-378-4788)

Research staff will tell you more about the study, how to qualify, answer any questions, and determine your eligibility during your initial telephone evaluation. If you are eligible you will be scheduled for a pre-screening appointment. You may also submit a request for our staff to contact you by submitting our online contact form. No medication will be given to you during your initial visit. The screening appointment is required to ensure eligibility and overall health and safety for participation in each specific trial.   Click here for Tomball, TX studies

Your pre-screening appointment will take approximately 30-90 minutes, depending on the extent of your medical history and how many questions you may have about the informed consent form.

In general, most patients receive the following during their first visit:

  • Height, Weight, and Blood Sugar Measurements
  • A Brief Medical History and Current Medication Review
  • Blood Pressure and ECG (electrocardiogram) measurements to ensure heart health
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