Privacy Information

How and Why You Are Protected

Privacy Information for physicians and patients participating in clinical research with the Texas Center for Drug Development

If your doctor is partnered with the Texas Center for Drug Development (TCDD) for clinical research, he or she is able to offer their patients ground-breaking new medications and treatments before they are available to the public, and also at no cost. In addition, all participants receive compensation for their time and effort in supporting the advancement of science and discovery of life-changing cures. Above all, we value and respect the privacy of the relationship between patients and their physicians, and will never share, sell, or use your health information or data with any other party or organization. Any and all patient information is strictly protected and used only for specific clinical research purposes.

All communications are confidential HIPAA compliant. Read more about HIPAA here

You always have the option to choose to join your doctor in supporting clinical research or opt out completely. And of course, you are free to change your mind at any time no matter what your level of involvement is.

Use the links below to register for a patient user account, or let us know you’d like to opt-out from participating in clinical research activities.

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