Why Do Doctors Need My Health Record?

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Patients’ participation in their health management has been steadily increasing over the past few decades. Passive patients are a thing of the past. Today, with several technologies and patient education, it becomes possible for patients to be more aware of their health conditions. They are able to discuss and actively take part in the decisions regarding their health management. All these have been made possible, thanks to the way in which information technology is leveraged for patient healthcare delivery.

My Health Record

Role of Information in Healthcare Delivery

Being involved actively in the health management is the order of the day for individuals in the modern world. Similar to patients being necessitated to take increased financial responsibility for their health care, they are provided with more opportunities to participate in their health management. Individuals are having an increased say on their health now-a-days.

My Health Record, a comprehensive summary of an individual’s health information, is one of the best ways for patients to be their own self-health advocates in the contemporary healthcare industry. Unlike the electronic health record and electronic medical records, My Health Record is created and maintained solely by the individuals themselves.

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